€100k worth of guitars stolen from Jimi’s Music Store in Dublin 12

By on May 11, 2012
Jimis music store

Updated: 22:22 14th May 2012 Serial Numbers added below.

Over €100,000 worth of guitars was stolen last night from Jimi’s Music Store in Ballymount Drive, Walkinstown, Dublin 12. If you have seen anything suspicious or are offered any of the guitars below please get in touch with your local garda station or contact the confidential line on 1800 666 111.

As you can imagine this is a massive blow to the company and any help is much appreciated.

Please share with your friends to spread awareness of this crime.

Serial numbers to follow as soon as Jimi’s Music Store publish them.

Gibson ES335 Black 2001
Gibson ES339 Light Caramel Burst (New) S/N: CS154461
Gibson Les Paul Standard Gold Top(New) S/N: 109800397
Gibson Les Paul Custom 1993 Cherry Sunburst
Gibson Les Paul Studio 60’s Tribute Gold Top 2011 S/N: 117811456
Gibson Les Paul Traditional Desert Burst(New) S/N: 117110679
Gibson Les Paul Studio Ebony 2003 S/N: 01283681
Gibson SG Standard Cherry (New)
Gibson SG Standard Ebony (New) S/N: 103600551
Gibson 61 SG Cherry (New) S/N: 100921382
Gibson SG Special Worn Cherry (New)
Epiphone Les Paul 2010 Tribute Cherry Sunburst
Fender 1978 Telecaster Antigua S/N: S831051
Fender American Standard Strat Candy Apple Red RW 2005 S/N: Z5143435
Fender American Standard Strat Factory Special 2009 Surf Green RW S/N:Z8224287
Fender American Special Strat Sunburst MN (New) S/N: US11139095
Fender American Standard Strat Sunburst MN (New) S/N: US10223529
Fender American Standard Strat Sunburst RW (New)
Fender American Standard Strat Black MN (New) S/N: US10211426
Fender American Standard Strat Candy Cola Red MN (New) S/N: US10218133
Fender American Standard Strat Olympic White MN (New) S/N: US11297350
Fender American Standard Strat Sunburst RW 2010
Fender American Deluxe Strat Sunburst RW (New) S/N: US11014909
Fender Standard Strat Lake Placid Blue (New)
Fender Blacktop Strat RW (New) S/N: MX11155046
Fender Blacktop Jazzmaster RW (New)
Fender Standard Telecaster Lake Placid Blue MN (New) S/N: MX11259673
Epiphone Les Paul ’56 Gold Top
Tokai Flying V
Gibson Melody Maker Sunburst
Fender Precision Bass Natural RW 1978 S/N: S879242
Fender American Strat International Morroco Red 1978 S/N: S972056
Fender American Strat Natural RW 1974 S/N: 572687
Fender American Strat Black with Black pickguard MN 1979 S/N: S929039
Fender American Strat ’62 Re-issue Sherwood Green RW S/N: V115236
Fender Lonestar Strat Pearl RW 1997 S/N: N7252231
Fender American Deluxe Strat Black MN 2001 S/N: DZ2180795
Fender VG Strat Black
Fender Mark Knopfler Strat Hot Red RW
Orange SP210 Isobaric 2×10 Cab (New)
Marshall MG101CFX (New)
Marshall MG102CFX (New)
Fender Rumble 30 (New) S/N: KKI11I0638
Orange Rocker 30 Used
Fender Satellite Extension Cab
Marshall Superbass

Pictures of stolen goods can be found on Jimi’s website: Click Here

David Cusack

About David Cusack

David is the founder of Crime.ie with a diverse background in the security industry and the technology behind it. He is focused on ensuring the Irish people become more aware of criminal activity in the country. Feel free to contact David via email dave@crime.ie and let him know if you have something that belongs on his website.


  1. Kevinmiller006

    May 13, 2012 at 8:46 pm

    Very sorry to hear this.. If its any help I’ll try and give you some little bits of business when I can..

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  3. Niall

    May 14, 2012 at 4:12 pm

    Looks like they knew what they were after aswell. Sorry to hear

  4. Ejmulroy

    May 14, 2012 at 7:05 pm

    I hope that info strikes a chord with someone!!

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  6. Fj Lastarria

    May 18, 2012 at 5:58 am

    Omg, so sorry to hear. Best of luck finding the guitars… Shame

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