Supreme Court rules that some Referendum information was not “fair, equal or impartial”

Childrens Referendem

The Supreme Court has ruled that some information contained in the Referendum booklet issued to every household in Ireland was not “fair, equal or impartial”.

The case brought by Dublin Engineer Mark Mc Crystal who claimed that €1.1m of public money used in the Government’s information campaign breached the 1995 Supreme Court McKenna judgment.

The ruling came yesterday ahead of Saturday’s Referendum vote, which Tanaiste Eamon Gilmore said will still take place,  and he also stated that ” the Government fully respects and will comply with the Supreme Court judgement.”.

Chief Justice Susan Denham, briefly stated, said that the McKenna principles meant that public funding should not be used in a referendum to espouse a particular point of view.

The referendum website has been shut down and it is unknown if it will open back up again.

Amongst those supporting  Mr Mc Crystals challenge were No campaigner Kathy Sinnott.


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