Larry Murphy is a handyman in Amsterdam

Larry Murphy

The latest sighting of Larry Murphy is in Amsterdam where he has offered a pregnant woman to install wooden floors in her home for free.

They both live on the same street in Amsterdam and met in a bar where Murphy introduced himself as “Lawrence”. He said he was looking for work and offered to install wooden floors in her new home for free.

She gave him her house keys because she said she was not always home and even organised more work for him at her sister’s house.

“Of course, I was very pleased. I’m not very wealthy, so I did not refuse his offer. He asked me to get him some new jobs and I did.

“He never did anything strange or inappropriate. I never thought: ‘There is something wrong with this man.’

“When I learned that he is a rapist, and that he kidnapped his victim by putting her in the boot of his car, I almost fainted.”

She told Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf: “What freaks me out is that I gave him the key of my house because I was not always at home when he was working.”

Dutch police said they visited Murphy’s Amsterdam home but could not arrest him as he did not commit any crime there.

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