Break in at Herbst Farm Centre Aughrim, Wicklow

There was a break in at Herbst Farm Centre in Aughrim, Wicklow, May 9.

Farming equipment was stolen from the premises.

Gardaí are seeking information in connection with the robbery and full details can been found below, as well as images of the intruder.

On the last image the intruder can be seen taking some equipment that was attached to the security cameras, unfortunately for him the security equipment records offsite at a secure location.

Avoca Garda Station
Garda Ryan
0402 35102

Garda confidential helpline
1800 666111


Robbery timeframe and images

20:07 Enters premises from west wall. Checks out office window & door

20:11 Returns to west wall, neighbours visible in background.

20:16 Climbs in toilet window

20:20 Car pulls up at gate, waits 2 mins. Leaves.

20:38 Enters office, looking in drawers.

20:39 Comes out of main shed and opens back shed doors.

20:48 Goes back into main shed.

20:55 Car pulls up at gate and lets someone out.

20:57 In office disconnecting network equipment and trying to steal DVR.

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