Moscow man has his $92,000 Audi stolen as he tried to rescue people who were drowning from Russia’s Yauza River

A man in Moscow had his Audi SUVworth $92,000 stolen after he jumped into a Moscow river to save the occupants of a car which had crashed through a fence and plunged into the water.

The driver of the Volvo lost control and the car, which was carrying two people, crushed a fence and fell into the Yauza River in central Moscow.

A man driving by in his Audi SUV saw the incident, and jumped to the rescue.

A young woman had freed herself from the sinking car but the driver and her 27-year-old husband were trapped inside and drowned.

As the man desperately tried to free the men, a thief drove away in the his Audi, which also contained his clothes and ID.

Investigations are continuing.  

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