14 Puppies seized at Dublin Port

Gardaí conducting duty at Dublin Port stopped a car on Promenade Road at approx 12:30 on 03/08/16 which was being driven by a man in his early 20’s.


Within the boot of the vehicle were 14 puppies of various breeds contained in 2 small metal containers. The dogs did not have access to water or fresh air and were being transported in a dangerous manner.

No valid documentation were produced and the dogs were duly seized for alleged cruelty. The D.S.P.C.A. was contacted and it is believed that the value of the dogs is in excess of €17,000 which were expected to be sold in the U.K.


The dogs were then transported to Store Street Garda Station and were surrendered to the D.S.P.C.A. The dogs were healthy but will require to be monitored for a number of days and will be then put forward for adoption.

Summons will be issued in relation to this matter.