Children involved in Limerick armed raid remain ‘very frightened’ since incident

A businessman whose family were held hostage while their Limerick home during an armed robbery has said that his children remain very frightened since the incident on Monday night.

Gerry Garvey, 51, and his wife and teenage children were terrorised in their home in Pallasgreen when four armed raiders broke in and handcuffed Garvey, while pressing a shotgun to his head.

They threatened to kill his daughter and forced the family to open a safe, before making their getaway with around €4,000.

Two men have since been arrested in connection with the incident.

Garvey said that the whole ordeal lasted for around five minutes and began while his children were watching television.

“The first sight I saw of them was masked gunmen dressed in black from head to toe with a double-barrelled shotgun, sawn-off,” he said.

“It was very typical of a scene on ‘Crimecall’, shouting in very loud, aggressive voice, demanding money and demanding keys to the safe, the usual-type thing, threatening to shoot me, threatening to shoot one of the kids who was with me at the time, the other two has scarpered.”

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