High Court to rule on cuts to student grants

The High Court is to rule in a case of three students challenging cuts to their maintenance grants.

The court has heard that students now have to live at least 45 kilometres away from their college to qualify for a long-distance grant. The limit used to be 24 kilometres.

The students taking the action claim the change is “unfair and unjust”.

The outcome of today’s challenge is likely to affect thousands of students.

Maedbh McCarthy, a student at NUI Galway; Robert Johnson, studying at Dundalk IT and Iesha Rowan, a mature student at Galway-Mayo IT, brought the case.

All say they have suffered losses ranging from more than €2,000 to nearly €4,000 as a result of changes brought in by the last Government, but implemented last year.

The Union of Students of Ireland supports their case.

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