Jury sees blood stained clothing of stab victim in murder trial

The blood-stained clothing of a fatal stab victim has been shown to the jury in the trial of a Dublin man charged with murdering him.

It was day three at the Central Criminal Court trial of the 36-year-old man, who stabbed two friends in the heart.

Martin Toland of Walkinstown Park has pleaded not guilty to murdering 28-year-old Alan Nolan and seriously injuring 30-year-old James Carroll at Cedar Brook Walk, Ballyfermot.

Toland claims that he was acting in self-defence against both men at Nolan’s home on the morning of September 8, 2007.

Forensic scientist, Marce Lee Gorman, today gave evidence of examining the clothing of all three men for the presence of blood and damage.

She held up the t-shirt Nolan was wearing when he was stabbed. Its sleeves and upper back were the only parts not completely blood-soaked.

“It’s a very heavily blood-stained t-shirt,” she said. “It’s actually stiff to touch.”

She also identified eight ‘stab cuts’ on the garment. While the t-shirt had been cut down the side by paramedics, she said these eight cuts were not attributable to medical intervention.

She next identified the navy tracksuit bottoms of the deceased, pointing out a stab cut close to the waist band.

“I observed heavy bloodstaining on the front of the tracksuit bottoms,” she said. “One can see the heavy red/brown staining along the front.”

She said there was also some bloodstaining on the back.

She then held up Nolan’s underwear, which had bloodstaining corresponding to that on the tracksuit bottoms. She pointed out damage to his underwear, which she said was not attributable to normal wear and tear.

Ms Lee Gorman then moved onto James Carroll’s clothing.

“There’s heavy bloodstaining, mainly on the left side of the polo shirt,” she explained, holding it up for the jury.

She said she found three stab cuts on this top, associated with blood.

She demonstrated that Mr Carroll’s black tracksuit bottoms also had heavy blood staining.

The trial has already heard that the three men had been playing a PlayStation and cards when a row broke out that morning. All three had been drinking and taking ecstasy, while Mr Nolan and Mr Carroll had smoked cannabis.

The trial continues before Mr Justice Barry White and the jury of seven women and five men.

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