A message from the family of missing teenager Amy Fitzpatrick

“As you all know we have put out heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears into searching for Amy and trying to find out what happened to her and where she is. We still have no clue as to where she is and until the day she is found we will never ever give up searching for her. We need the campaign to find Amy to keep going and to do this we need to set up a fund to help us with our search for her. We have never asked for the public’s help financially from the day Amy disappeared on us but we are asking for your help now. We have set up a bank account for anyone who wishes to help us out with our campaign and we would appreciate the smallest donation to help us with out.

“The details of the bank account are:

  • Bank of Ireland 95839158
  • Sort code 90-04-71.

“Thank you to everyone who has helped us out in whatever way you have done in the past especially our family and friends who have been there for us from day one. We can never thank you all enough for your help.”

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Written by cusackd