US court orders release of IRA interview recordings

A court in the US has ruled that interviews given by a former IRA member to a university can be handed over the police in the North.

Boston College in Massachusetts must give police the recordings by its researchers of oral history project talks with Dolours Price by next month, after an appeals court in the US rejected an effort to stop their release.

Price participated in the car bombing of the Old Bailey in London on March 8 1973. The explosion injured more than 200 people and likely caused another person’s death of heart failure.

She and sister Marian Price were arrested along with senior Sinn Fein member and former junior minister Gerry Kelly and others

Friday’s ruling by the 1st US Circuit Court of Appeals means the interview with Price will be given to police next month. Boston College is still trying to quash a broader order for other materials from its project.

The College’s Belfast Project participants say the interviews were supposed to be secret until their deaths.

But detectives probing the IRA’s 1972 killing of Belfast woman Jean McConville, a mother of 10 branded as a British Army spy by the IRA, want the recordings.

Those who carried out the project, including journalist Ed Moloney, argued that the release of the tapes could harm the peace process.

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